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Drifty Boat Caddie Summit Sling Buckhorn Sling
Drifty Boat Caddie
Our Price: $99.95
Summit Sling
Our Price: $99.95
Buckhorn Sling
Our Price: $129.95

Admittedly, we are not first to the water with a fishing sling pack, yet typical for Fishpond, when we decide to design any product, we make it to be the very best. The Summit Sling is just that. The most comfortable, durable, and design rich sling available....anywhere. With our recycled fishing net nylon material, you can wear this pack knowing you are making a difference to help keep our planet healthy

The Buckhorn is ambidextrous and dons the features to efficiently carry your gear and accessories.
Delta Sling Pack Kingfisher Tech Vest Wasatch Tech Pack
Delta Sling Pack
Our Price: $149.95
Kingfisher Tech Vest
Our Price: $179.95
Wasatch Tech Pack
Our Price: $189.95
The Buckhorn is ambidextrous and dons the features to efficiently carry your gear and accessories. There are two types of Kingfisher. One has lots of brightly colored plumage, a long beak, and vision allowing it to see underwater. The other is built of tan recycled commercial fishing net material called Cyclepond, has three hard pockets on the front for flies, two pockets on the back, a rear D-ring for a securing a net, plenty of extra zippered pockets for storing odds and ends, a nifty Hypalon tab for securing hemos, fleece lined handwarmer pockets, and is worn by a creature that must wear special eyeglasses to see what lies sub-surface. Both are sleek and specifically designed for catching fish, but Fishpond only offers the latter. Perfect for hiking into those top-secret backcountry fishing spots, or any time you're spending a long day on the water, the Wasatch Tech pack combines a vest-style front with a versatile backpack and hydration reservoir pocket. This product revolutionized the vest category with its adjustable “one-size-fits-most” suspension system. The Wasatch blurs the line between a traditional fishing vest and a technical pack. The result is an entirely new product category from Fishpond that combines the best features of both.
Fishpond El Nino Guide pack Thunderhead Sling 2015 Wildhorse Tech Pack
Thunderhead Sling
Our Price: $199.95
2015 Wildhorse Tech Pack
Our Price: $229.95
When the fish are slurping bugs on the opposite side of the river and you know you’ll be getting deep to reach the hatch, the El Niño will keep your gear 100% dry and protected, even if you take a downstream swim. As a waterproof and submersible pack, gear such as cameras, phones and your end-of-the day cigar will never feel a drop of water. Thunderhead: ‘a cumulonimbus cloud seen during thunderstorms.’ We skipped Latin class - went fishing instead, as should you - but we gather it is a very tall, large cloud just itching to dump massive quantities of rain on your head. And gear … we heard these things love soaking gear. Hence we developed a waterproof sling that would show contempt for these clouds with their fancy titles. It has spacious interior for everything you want dry, and a quick access exterior pocket with a water-resistant zipper. Add Hypalon tabs and D-rings for affixing tools, a slot down the back for your net, and a name that says “Come and get me you coo-moo-lowhatever!”